June 2010

Shocking Discovery!

Griffin and the Poozer 

Griffin and our "Poozer"

Have you ever seen such a kitty in need?!?  She's one very happy Poozer (name adopted from Dr Suess' "Oh The Places You Go!" as you can see by her "happy weight"!

Post Midwest Horse Fair News!

The Midwest Horse Fair 2010 was once again a great venue to talk with and meet equestrians from all walks of life!  Although 3 days of standing on your feet was somewhat tiring, the wonderful help that I had at my booth and the great fair goers made the my tired feet but a fleeting thought!

Special thanks to my booth helpers this year, you guys were fabulous!  Thanks to Tamra, Shirley, Debby and Tim for helping me make this season a wonderful success:)

Meet Elvis!


I'm so excited I could spit! Two weeks ago, I ended my horse hunt for a new equine partner to bring along as my levels horse and additional equine buddy.