September 2014

Connected Riding on the Trail with an Opinionated Half-Arab!


M is for Montana~Part 1

M is for Mentor, O is for Open, N is for Neutral, T is for Tenacity, A is for Appreciation, N is for  New ways of thinking and doing, A is for Access to all you need!

It's Never Too Late to Get In Shape

It took Harriette Thompson more than seven hours to run a marathon Sunday in San Diego. But that was awfully good, considering she's 91 and recovering from cancer.

Spooky vs Timid ~ What does your label do to your thinking?

We don’t always get the horse that we want, but we always get the horse that we need.  Your “spooky” horse may not be as spooky as you think.  Sure, he could have a tendency towards greater self preservation than other horses, however his body and your body (and your leadership with him) may add to his degree of spooky behavior.  If he’s more on the timid side, he may need more leadership and support from you in order to feel like he needs to be less reactive in certain situations.  And that leadership comes from your body language as well as your mental, physical and em