March 2015


Hooves are the base of support for all horses. It is vital to the horse to know where his legs and hooves are and to be able to navigate any path we have chosen for them to maneuver through. The hooves are one of the most integral parts of a horse to allow the horse to be able to stack up in neutral alignment with a leg at each corner. When the hooves are well maintained, the horse is more able to connect with his body to able to move towards self-carriage and freedom in movement.

Positive Results from the Ground Up

Do you ever call your horse lazy? Do you ever wonder if he knows where his feet are after he trips, stumbles, or even falls? Maybe he tends to drag his feet or it feels as though he doesn’t even attempt to lift a foot off the ground? When we are off balance, we are not able to keep ourselves upright and neither can your horse. Many horses are off balance and heavy on the forehand, which can contribute to the tripping, stumbling and dragging.