April 2015

100 Years of Innovation


The year was 1915. Woodrow Wilson was President of the US. The Great War (what we would eventually call World War I) was raging in Europe, though the US had not yet officially entered the war. The 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote, was still 5 years away; congress voted down a bill that would have made the amendment unnecessary.

Calcium - Bones, Teeth, and a Whole Lot More


When we think about calcium in the body, we naturally think of bones and teeth, and that would be logical, since some 99% of the body's calcium can be found there. And while that 99% is really important, it could be argued that the other 1% is even more critical for our lives.

Preparing for Better Transitions on the Ground - Shoulder Press

It continues to amaze me of the subtleties of some of the Connected Groundwork® exercises. The results can be profound when you support and bring attention to an area on a horse where the horse may have a holding or bracing pattern, or may just need some additional support. Shoulder press is one of these exercises, especially for a horse that tends to be stiff in the ribcage, and has tightness in his shoulders and the base of the neck.