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Midwest Horse Fair!

If you’re in the Midwest, and you’re ready for spring, and you love horses, then you know that the Midwest Horse Fair is coming!  MWHF for me marks the beginning of spring and the trail riding/horse camping season.  Frankly, there’s nothing better than a morning or afternoon with your horse.

Spring Fever

Hi Everyone,
Last Thursday, both Murphy and I had a serious case of spring fever!  We went for our first real trail ride through the woods and over the fields with some gal pals from the barn.
We weren’t sure if the footing would be good, but it turned out to be exceptionally well dried for this time of year!  So for 1.5 hours we were out reacquainting ourselves with Mother Nature, and frankly, it was heavenly!

Prancing through the snow!

Oh, how I wish I would have had a camera!!!  My friend Deby and I went riding yesterday, not realizing that we were going to have a wonderful adventure with two other folks as well:)

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!!!

Can you tell that I’m really excited that this  blog is finally off the ground and is live?!?!  Well I am!  It’s been a little over a year that I decided to focus my Health Coaching biz on folks just like myself, the busy professional and equestrian.  Because I’m not super tech savvy, having a blog has been on the back burner, but it’s also been a source of frustration because of the “fear of the unknown”!  So now that I’ve got my feet wet (just barely), I feel I can at least get this up and running to the point where we can have discussions and share our passion ab

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Natural Solutions by Anke is Anke Johnson’s personal wellness coaching business to help people lose weight, gain confidence and manage their time!

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