Tools on the Trail: Rotation in the Saddle

Last month, we talked about “transitions” and I shared the groundwork principle of Shoulder Press with you. This month, we’ll continue with the concept of transitions and introduce the concept of rotation in the saddle. The purpose of this article is to introduce you to rotation, while not sharing all aspects of the many ways to use and hence do, rotation!

Preparing for Better Transitions on the Ground - Shoulder Press

It continues to amaze me of the subtleties of some of the Connected Groundwork® exercises. The results can be profound when you support and bring attention to an area on a horse where the horse may have a holding or bracing pattern, or may just need some additional support. Shoulder press is one of these exercises, especially for a horse that tends to be stiff in the ribcage, and has tightness in his shoulders and the base of the neck.

2012 Pictures ~ Winter of 2012!

A winter frolic!  Boy that horse can run fast!  Woohoo, can't wait to ride that!!!


2012 Pictures ~ Summer and winter of 2012!

It's about time some pictures were updated!  Here are a few of my favorites, enjoy!



A neat shot!  Dust mixed with Guinness legs and a sun beam!

After 2 hours, he finally relaxes!  Sheesh!


Nothing Like a great ride...smiles all around!


Progress with Guinness April 2012

Finally!  Video showing our progress...I know its been a while so here's a little look-see at what we've been moving towards through the winter.

Take a peek at the videos here.


Consistency....ah consistency!

Sometimes You Just Gotta Bail!

My only regret is that I don’t have a video of this escapade!

Guinness and I were finishing off a very nice training session where we were working on downward transitions to help him engage the old hind end.  He had really been doing well, and we were just about finished and cooling down.

In our indoor arena, we have 2x6 boards that are about shoulder height on all the arena walls…great place to hang things!  So, of course, I hung my Connected Riding halter and it’s two 22 foot leads attached over said 2x6 board.

Our Journey to the Trails

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a while since I last posted, so I felt an update was necessary! 

Guinness and I have been working hard over the winter (winter, what winter?!?!) to prepare ourselves for the trails this 2012 summer season!

He’s turning 5 in June, and I can tell you he’s ready to explore the wilds beyond the arena; I’m thinking that he’s going to be a great trail horse because he LOVES exploring and being curious!

Crash, bang, boom!

Well, all I can say is I wish I had video of this...Over the past few weeks, the place where I board has been doing quite a bit of construction, and we're all excited to watch things unfold as the old is removed and the new is built!  A super shout out to the owners Angele and Andy Mlsna, they're amazing!

Guinness and the scary tree!

Just a quick, funny entry.  This weekend, I was riding Guinness with a barn buddy, and we since it was such a nice day out we decided to ride in the outdoor.  our outdoor also has some grassy and rteed areas to ride in as well.

We decided after working in the ring to take a little "trail ride" to help Guinness get his trail feet ready for next year.  My barn buddy has a wonderful steady-Eddy who helps Guinness stay "on board" with what we're doing:)

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