Crash, bang, boom!

Well, all I can say is I wish I had video of this...Over the past few weeks, the place where I board has been doing quite a bit of construction, and we're all excited to watch things unfold as the old is removed and the new is built!  A super shout out to the owners Angele and Andy Mlsna, they're amazing!

Anyway, trhough all this consturction I can say that Guinness has been handling it better than I thought, however he has taken to being a little (lot) more spooky than usual as he's waiting for the next beam to loudly crash and fall!  So over the past few weeks, our rides have been very mindful of what the construction du jour brings for the day when I'm out there.

So today, I got to the barn and it was quiet, which is unusual.  It was also warm, so I was really psyched for the ride.  After a reasonable warm up to "check the temperature" of where my horses mind was, I got on...ahhhhhh, what a feeling!  So all alone and quiet, I set out to ride.  Over some ground poles, through a couple of standards to grandmothers house we rode (okay, not really about grandma's house, but I couldn't resist!).

Anyway, not 5 minutes into the ride, along comes someones big truck.  Soon we hear sounds of crashing and tossing and throwing...and not in a pattern of any kind, just randomly.  So, I thought dang (actually something with more of an explitive) and Guinness' energy had certainly turned "up".  I quickly assessed the situation and said to mylsef "damn it, we're going to ride through this today no matter how much noise is made"! 

Well, I guess Guinness "heard" my thoughts, and as I gave us both a job to do, we got on with it.  Even when there was a particularly loud bang (truck being hitched up to a very large trailer with construction debris in it), and then the said trailer and truck "appeared" over the indoor door just as we were riding past, Guinness and I stayed together through a spook or two (or three) but we did it.

Then, crickets.  Well, not crickets really, it's too cold, but there was enough silence that you COULD have heard crickets if it was warm enough!  So, I was so proud of both of us for sticking through this together, and I realized that Guinness is actually more confident with me riding him, than with me on the ground with him...hmmm, something to explore, and I'm sure I'll get more construction chances!

Cheerio, Anke and Guinness:) (\___~

                                            <\ /\