Elvis finds his true name!


This summer, I moved my pal Elvis from his current abode to some new digs!  We had been open to and on the lookout for his "real name", since I had waffled back and forth with the name Elvis.

While I was away at one of my clinics, I was walking past a stall and noticed the name "Guinness".  Right away this name appealed to me because it was not too far off from sounding like Elvis.  The more I thought of it, the more I liked it; Guinness is a dark, frothy beer full of flavor.  My horse is a dark, sometimes frothy horse full of vigor!  I introduced the name to Elivs, and he took to it like water (or beer!)

So for all future entries about my guy and our escapades, please go to our new folder entitled "Guinness", as he now proudly insists on being called!


Guinness and Anke SFS