Feeling Trapped?



Feeling trapped? 
Take advantage of Shaklee 180 and No-Fee Virtual Coaching 


Why the silly cat picture?  Well, with all of the weight loss craze that goes on this time of year, I thought something a little more light hearted might be fun!  But feeling trapped is rarely light hearted (unless you're into that sort of thing;)).  By this time in January, some folks are finding that they may need to rethink their strategy for healthy weight.  Others are still looking for what resonates well for them. 

This message isn't in any way new to you, however it may be your time to move forward, and I hope you'll consider Shaklee 180 and Coaching as a plan for your success.  Here are a few reasons that it may be the ticket for you: 


  • With Shaklee 180, there's no feeling of deprivation, in fact you'll enjoy what you eat while you're learning better habits to support your goal of long term sustainable health.
  • The Virtual Coaching offers support, direction, ideas for long term success, understanding of what REAL foods to eat, freedom from guilt/shame/overwhelm and many more emotions that keep us in the very place we don't want to stay.
  • A proven BURST exercise plan that can be done in your home, the gym, the outdoors.  It takes a mere 20 minutes every day and you WILL see results.  Accessible on your computer or an app.
  • Virtual Coaching gives you an introduction to coaching; you can choose to customize your coaching with Anke for an additional cost  for more insight into ingrained habits and patterns that will help you get unstuck.
  • The Shaklee mobile app helps you stay accountable, plus meal plans to make planning easy.
  • Together, Shaklee 180 and Virtual Coaching give you a comprehensive program, not just products. 


 Shaklee 180 science and Virtual Coaching from  Natural Solutions by Anke may be your combined ticket to enjoying all the benefits of what a healthy weight has to offer.  Your benefits are personal to you; so it may be greater confidence, more joy, absence of illness, ability to physically do more, greater endurance and productivity.  Whatever benefits your healthy weight awaits for you, get started on reaping them now and for a happily ever after.    

  New Members Special:

 From now until January 31st, 2014 any person new to Shaklee can join free, plus get a $100 product of your choice absolutely free when you purchase 3 consecutive Shaklee 180 Turn Around Kits by March 31st, 2014!  Plus, you'll also get free shipping (up to $20 each month) for one full year! 

  Existing Members:  Help 3 people get started on Shaklee 180, and your Shaklee 180 products are free!  Contact the person who sent you this email for more details!

 Shaklee 180 is available any time to you, but you do have to act by January 31st, 2014 in order to get the abridged No Fee "Once and For All" coaching that will help you launch your success to a higher level.  You save over $100 on coaching with this offer.  This coaching will be delivered to your email inbox once each week for a total of 12 weeks.  Starting the week of Feb 3, 2014, I'll share an abridged version of my "Once and for All" healthy weight coaching with you, in addition to two motivational health tips each week.  This is in addition to the fabulous Shaklee 180 support tools like the Burst Exercise training, Shaklee 180 app, daily menu plans and more!

 It's not about skinny jeans, it's about you getting healthy and living your best life.  But hey, we'll take the skinny jeans too!:)

 For more information and to get signed up now, contact the Shaklee Distributor who sent you this email.  You've waited long enough, it's time to take action for a healthier you!

Fully Guaranteed, nothing to lose but what you choose!