On the first day of training, my Elvis gave to me...


Hi There,
Okay, so admittedly I haven't been keeping anyoned update on my training with Elvis…but that’s because we’ve been so busy training!

There’s so much to catch up on, so I won’t even try.  I think better yet I’ll just give you a quick recap of how the summer has gone, and then keep you updated as we forge forward.

Cindy, you were right.  Youngsters are soooooo much fun to work with!  My trainer Emily Kemp says that Elvis is “part clown” which I completely agree with.  He keeps me on my toes in that his idea of a reward is to do “whatever’s next”, and not resting.  Is this what ADD looks like in horses?!?!?  Good thing he gets Omega 3’s!

The proof is in the pudding, so here are some pics of Elvis and I.  He reminded me of the cartoon “Calvin and Hobbes” since every time Pam was going to take the picture Elvis moved or made a face!  Oh well, comic relief again.

Elvis has learned to be a pretty spectacular guy…he’s got all 7 natural horsemanship games down pat, so we’re working on refining those.  Last week, we started to work on me putting my body over his neck so that he could feel my weight on him.  Let me say that I don’t recommend riding this way, it’s darned uncomfortable on the gut…MY gut!  But he took me on a wonderful ride around the arena a few times, and I giggled the whole way as best as I could (remember the gut-restriction?).  Anyway, his gait was nice and smooth, can one really even judge a horses gait by riding his neck? Probably not, but what I did experience was pretty darned nice!

Keep an eye out for more fun, I’ll post some of my training pictures and videos in the coming days.

Elvis Cute 1Elvis Cute 2Elvis KissesElvis Pretty



He's a cutie, Anke. Glad to hear the training is going well. Nanette