Get Ready for Your Spring and Summer Riding Goals!!!!!



It’s all about your CONFIDENCE!

Booth 5010, Exhibition Hall Mendota Atrium (by the
bathrooms, snack bar and lecture halls!)

The Midwest Horse Fair is cantering our way!  I can't believe it's only 5 weeks away...soon
the Alliant Energy Center
will have the heavenly scent of horse wafting over the warm spring weather

It’s all about your confidence this year, squashing your fears and de-spooking you.  To pass along the message, there are a couple
of very exciting things happening:

Speaker: Saturday 5PM and Sunday 9AM Andis Demo Area

I am honored to be a speaker at
the MWHF this year!  I invite you to join
me for a wonderful journey through “The
Wisdom of Change
”.  Here’s a little
excerpt of what you can expect during the talk:

“Speaking from the heart…Sometimes,
until we experience certain things, we cannot understand the magnitude of the
impact it will have on us, sometimes for the rest of our lives.

Weight loss and regaining your full, physical and emotional self can be like
that.  So can being confident, truly prepared for the expected and the unexpected and
knowing what to do when “What if?” happens

Likewise having the guilt-free
time to ride and expand your horsemanship
at a pace that’s fulfilling and
happy for you.

Sometimes our efforts to change and
get to a place like I’ve described above is a frustrating journey, not much fun
and certainly sprinkled with frustration. 
But what if it didn’t have to be
that way?
  What if you could learn a process that would take
you through change in a joyful, interesting and meaningful manner?

Your reading this is but a moment, to
be sipped like any other from your daily cup of life. However, every
moment is a defining one, a profound springboard from where you've been to where
you're going.  Making a decision to
work with yourself for yourself may be that springboard that will help launch
you to a next level that you didn’t even know existed.

experiment and experience the five steps that will help you redefine how you approach
change, and how successful you can truly be.”


New Confidence Program!

I am also very excited to be offering a new program launched just in time
for horse fair to help you gain confidence and have the ride of your life in
and out of the saddle!  A ‘must see” for
anyone wanting to expand their enjoyment of riding and being with their horse!

De-Spook You Home Study Course

Squash Fear Gain Confidence with Anke’s
self-directed coaching delivered to your inbox every week for 12

 Get more confidence in the
saddle and around your horse with the convenience of home study! Anke’s proven
Squash Fear Gain Confidence group coaching is reformatted for email delivery.
Coursework is delivered by video and each lesson features downloadable
worksheets. This option gives you maximum flexibility on when and where you
choose to study!

The price is regularly $97
per month, there will be a show special!
(a very generous discount compared to group coaching at $297 per month
or individual coaching at $347 per month).

The Goals of Self Directed Coaching are for you to:

  1. Work in an independent,
    flexible and powerful environment where you are the driver
    , and where
    you have easy access to the support and accountability you need in order
    to succeed.
  2. Use self directed coaching as
    an introduction that will help you to
    pursue the
    resourceful and creative internal you.
  3. Gain confidence in your actions as you move
    through the change process, and understand the power of ridiculously small
    no-fail goals.
  4. Accomplish much more than you have in the past and feel a greater sense of success.
  5. Become aware of the things that will promote your physical, emotional and mental
    , and be able to easily let go of the things that
  6. Be introduced to concepts that will engage the warrior within and use
    these skills so that they’re lifetime tools
    for you to use whenever
    the situation arises.

Each week you’ll receive:

1.     A video or
video series explaining the new concept and materials
for that week

2.     PDF
documents that will help guide you through the exercises
that will strengthen your understanding of the
information shared.  These will be used
in conjunction with the videos

3.     You may receive an audio that you can download to your MP3 or a CD so you can
listen to the concepts for the week shared in another learning style for
optimal understanding.  You’ll also be
able to continue your study “on the
fly”, while exercising, cooking, or commuting!

4.     The option of emailing
Anke to ask questions, share successes, or ask for accountability.


So come visit us at
Booth 5010, Exhibition Hall Mendota Atrium (by the bathrooms, snack bar and
lecture halls!) to speak with Anke and take advantage of the all the confidence
building, wellness tools and life balance goodies and show specials this year!