Guinness and the scary tree!

Just a quick, funny entry.  This weekend, I was riding Guinness with a barn buddy, and we since it was such a nice day out we decided to ride in the outdoor.  our outdoor also has some grassy and rteed areas to ride in as well.

We decided after working in the ring to take a little "trail ride" to help Guinness get his trail feet ready for next year.  My barn buddy has a wonderful steady-Eddy who helps Guinness stay "on board" with what we're doing:)

ALl was good, and my barn buddy said "go under this tree, and the dry leaves and branches will make noises that may give Guinness somethign to think about"!  Well, it was great!  I went under, and at that point the ground also went on a steeper downhill.  So my helmet scraped along the branches, the leaves still on the tree rustled, and the dried seed pods on the tree provided more "music"!  Guinness lost his confidence a bit, but quickly regained it as he jogged down the hill.

We'll do much more of this, as it was fun, and gave Guinness soemthing to think about other than his ordinary lessons:)