M is for Montana~Part 1

M is for Mentor, O is for Open, N is for Neutral, T is for Tenacity, A is for Appreciation, N is for  New ways of thinking and doing, A is for Access to all you need! .  What does it spell?  Montana!  Since April of this year, I have been working with my Connected Riding mentor Laura Faber-Morris of Wholeistic Equine in Montana.  Not only does she bring Connected work to the table, but she’s also TTEAM and Masterson certified.  My summer focus has been to continue growing my skills as a rider which I then apply to the Connected work and this past week, I got to practice this work with Laura by my side!  The thing that I’ve really enjoyed in this journey is learning more and more about me and what I’m capable of, which directly applies to you as well.  I’ll share more about my actual experience at the ranch in the next newsletter.

Over the past few years I’ve stretched myself pretty thin in regards to time, but I’ve made sure that my priorities are met first; things like family, my own health and my growth in my business.  In addition to this, over the last three and a half years I’ve placed being a Practitioner in Training and student of Connected Riding as a high priority as well.  It’s required me to be very focused and organized, and also be very open to going back to my foundation for horsemanship and changing certain aspects that have not served me in the past and are ready for positive change!  Because of that, it’s been a process of breaking apart the old and rebuilding the new, all with a green horse.  I have been frustrated and challenged to my maximum, only to be rewarded when I stick with it by having that first great ride where the changes I’ve been practicing come to fruition.  My horse feels softer and more willing, and my body echoes my horse’s ability to move.  Its reciprocity and frankly it feels great. 

The only reason that I continue with crazy schedule is because I’m passionate about learning and then passing on the information.  If I can feel this confident, this free, this good and effective in my riding, it’s even more magical to help others feel the same.  This gift is being shared with me, and it’s my honor to share this gift with you and your horse if it’s the direction you want to move towards.  So gimme a M-O-N-T-A-N-A and come with me on my journey towards yet another layer of understanding in Connected Riding and Groundwork!