Prancing through the snow!

Oh, how I wish I would have had a camera!!!  My friend Deby and I went riding yesterday, not realizing that we were going to have a wonderful adventure with two other folks as well:)
It was gorgeous outside yesterday in WI, so we saddled up in the AM and started out.  It was interesting because as we climbed the hill where I had my trampling accident in the fall, I was somewhat surprised to feel apprehension creeping up.  I realized that this was the first ride back up the hill since the accident, because by the time I healed enough to ride, the weather had prevented me from doing outdoor riding.
So I used some familiar tools [deep breathing, singing, talking to Deby, letting Deby know that I was experiencing thresholds (and knowing she would support me), and going back to my visualizations that I had been practicing throughout the fall and winter.  I also made sure that I was the leader as Murphy was feeling my hesitation which of course made him nervous (”what’s wrong mom!” he was thinking!!).  I took note of my very tight butt (good in jeans, not on a horse), and the fact that I was leaning forward in an “I’m ready for disaster” position!
Good news was, that very quickly I was able to move through each threshold, honoring both Murphy and my needs and we made it up the hill with no problems.  Victory!
Deby and I then rode along the top ridge which was interesting.  Murphy and Phantom both were dragging their feet like they had thresholds, but when we turned around to go back, they miraculously found their energy 10 fold!  How interesting!
On our way back, our friends from the barn Jessica and Carlyse shouted over to us to join them on their ride in the woods, what fun!  We went through belly deep snow drifts, trotted and cantered where the footing was good, and enjoyed the beautiful sunny, windless 30 degree day!
Both Deby and I felt completely rejuvenated as we were walking back doen the hill towards the barn, and I know that Murphy was super happy to be out of an indoor!
Murphys new saddle was awesome too, I can’t wait to canter with “wings” in the fields in the spring time!
THIS is why I ride horses…especially my pal Murphy!!