Riding Elvis in the saddle...a canter too!


As many of you know, last year was very challenging for me.  First, Murphy was recuperating from a sore back all summer, and then I tragically lost him to an accident in the fall.  So there was no riding "my guy" at all last year.

I got Elvis (above) May of 2010 when he was only 2.  As he approaches his 4th b-day on June 17th, I am proud (can you see the smile on  my face?!?!) to have started Elvis all on my own, and now we're in the saddle!

In fact, Elvis and I had our first canter together in the saddle this past Monday; I asked for a trot, he then offered a canter and boy did I enjoy that!  My instructor Emily Kemp was heard saying "bring him back down to a trot" repeatedly...did she say something?

Emily keeps me safe and gives both Elvis and I the best guidance as we grow together, thanks Em!

Our recipe for success?  Small steps, rhythmic breathing, giving myself permission to do what feels right,  clarity and consistency, imagery and all the other wonderful tools that I learn and pass along to those who wish to listen and have fun too!

Thanks Elvis, for getting me back in the saddle on one of "my boys".  And thanks Kucha, Phantom and Casey for lending me your "backs" when I didn't have one to sit upon!