Spring Fever

Hi Everyone,
Last Thursday, both Murphy and I had a serious case of spring fever!  We went for our first real trail ride through the woods and over the fields with some gal pals from the barn.
We weren’t sure if the footing would be good, but it turned out to be exceptionally well dried for this time of year!  So for 1.5 hours we were out reacquainting ourselves with Mother Nature, and frankly, it was heavenly!
Murphy was putting on his best race horse imitation by being very forward and needing to be in the lead at all times…although that didn’t happen.  Just because you WANT something, doesn’t mean you’re gonna get it;)
I did not expect to be cantering because of the footing, but after we tested out several areas we all went for a wonderful canter through our upper fields until we hit the woods edge.
By the time we went through the woods, up and down several hills, with Murphy sweating like a cat at a dog show, I fully expected him to slow down his pace, but it was not to be!  In fact, down the last stretch home, he picked it up a notch and we cantered ahead for a while thoroughly enjoying the view and the ride.
So if this is shades of things to come this summer with my boy, I have to say things are looking very bright!
I’ve been getting body work done for Murphy by Stefanie Reinhold a practitioner of the Masterson Method, and Murphy’s been responding very well.  So much so that last week Stefanie commented that she thought his summer would be the best ever…Stefanie, can you see into the future?!?!
So here’s to the start of a glorious spring, and an even better summer.  With warm weather, no bugs and great footing, who could ask for more right now?
Forward and Up!!!  Anke:)