Today was the day, a foot in the stirrup!


Elvis snow wallHello all you Elvis fans!


Today was the day, even though the ice was falling off the indoor roof!  Elvis was such a very good boy, that I put my foot in the stirrup and hoisted myself up...what a view!  Elvis just settled himself, balanced, and turned around to see what was on his back:)


We've been working up to this step by step.  He's already carted me around the arena with my belly over his bare back, curiously wondering what I was doing up there, and not down here!  I do believe that once I ask him to move under saddle, that it really won't be a big fact I believe he's looking forward to it!  He might even be asking himself "get up there already and ride"!  We'll see about saddle for him should be arriving soon, and I've got a lesson with Emily Kemp and Monday...I'll have the video camera ready!