We're "all put together"!


Ah yes, another milestone for Elvis and I today!  We had a lesson with Ruth Hansen, who showed us some wonderful subtleties and simple things to do that make such big changes!  During our lesson, it was the perfect time to take the reins from being attached to the halter, to attaching them to the bit, and so we did!

So Elvis was "Fully dressed" in saddle and bridle, and I was using all of his "clothes"!  Since we've been practicing using the bit and his feeling comfortable with it for a while by ground driving, this was really not as big a step for him as it was for me.  As usual, he came out smelling like a rose and was a very good boy.

We had fun just doing some really basic, foundational things at the walk, and using our body energy to "go" and "whoa".  It was really fun to take the concepts from the ground work and apply them in the saddle, and Elvis showed me that despite my calling him  a little guy, that he really already is a pro.

Way to go Elvis!  This journey is much more fun than I could ever have dreamed of!